One Way Return
Adult: $16 $28
Child: 5-15 years $6 $12
Family Pass:               2x Adults, 3x kids $38                   2x kids FREE $72                        Saving 28% 
Adult Multi Ride ^        10 x Tickets $140 $256
Extra Luggage: Bikes, Surfboards etc $6 / item
Groups: POA:

Tickets can be purchased:

  • Here ONLINE
  • From our Airport Ticket Kiosks (located by our bus stops)
  • Selected city hostels, hotels and Auckland i-Sites
  • From your driver (cash only).

AT HOP Cards

  • From the 19 March 2014, Airbus Express will accept AT HOP Cards on-board its service for adult ($16) and child ($6) one way fares. Please refer to for conditions. ).

For Business Travellers:

  • Reduce travel expenses with Corporate ticket booklets
  • For more information or to place an order Download Order Form

Pricing information you might need to know:

  • Child fares are for 5 – 15 years
  • Return Tickets purchased online are valid for use on the dates as specified in your booking
  • Return Tickets purchased from Kiosks, Bus Drivers or Resellers are value for 1 Month from the date of purchase (1 Month being the same calendar day in the following month)
  • ^ Multi Ride passes are only available online
  • Multirides: Your first ticket is valid for use on the date as requested in your initial booking. Your remaining 9 tickets which are open dated will be posted to you within 3 working days. Please note for Return Tickets, the return trip must be completed within one calendar month from the first trip
  • Prices are quoted in New Zealand dollars
  • Airbus Express has wheelchair access
  • Airbus Express has internal luggage storage
  • Fares listed are current until August 2014



your ticket online now

We’ve now made it even easier for you to jump on the Airbus Express, simply book your ticket online here and we’ll see you soon.

Book Now

NOTE: You will need to print your ticket so make sure you have access to a printer.

Route Map

Airbus alternates between Mt Eden Road and Dominion Road. Refer to our detailed timetable for evening and late night departures outside the noted times.

City Bus Stop Map.


Airport to City / City to Airport – every 10 minutes. *7am to 7pm Mon – Fri, during the daytime.

5 Time Table Tips

  • Airbus operates 24 hours per day 365 days per year
  • Airport – City Transfers take approximately 40-50 minutes. Times can vary depending on traffic conditions
  • Our online timetables only list the initial departing time from either the Auckland Ferry Terminal or Auckland International Airport
  • Use the Maxx Journey Planner to find the approximate arrival time at your nearest bus stop.
Monday – Friday
Sat, Sun & Public Holidays
Departing from
City and the Airport*
EVERY 10 minutes
7am – 7pm
EVERY 15 minutes
6am – 7pm
Passing via
Mt Eden Road or Dominion Road*
EVERY 20 minutes
7.20am – 7pm
EVERY 30 minutes
6.20am – 7pm
*Refer to our timetable for evening and late night departures between 7pm to 7am.
Download Timetable – Airport to City
Download Timetable – City to Airport

Getting On/Off

it couldn't be easier

At the Airport

The Airbus Express service starts at the International Terminal with its second pick up at the Domestic Terminal. The first drop offs are available on either Mt Eden Road or Dominion Road (depending which route you are on). The bus only stops on request by passengers.

In the City

Airbus departs from the downtown Auckland Ferry Terminal and picks up at selected Bus Stops on Queen Street. Refer to our “City Bus Stop” Map.

Mt Eden or Dominion Road

Airbus will pick up and drop off at all bus stops on Mt Eden and Dominion Road. For a pick up please stand at your nearest bus stop and hail the driver on approach. For drop offs simply press the ‘stop’ button when approaching your preferred stop to alert the driver.


Bus Stop Finder

Get directions to your nearest bus stop by entering your full address including your suburb and city in the field below.

  • OR

Airport to City City to Airport

City Bus Stop Map.


answers to your questions

How do I claim lost property?

For lost property inquiries please contact our International Airport Kiosk on: 021 222 1250
Alternatively email:
Lost property will be held for 90 days. During this time we will endeavour to contact the owner if their contact details are available.

Do Return tickets have an expiry date:

A Return ticket that is purchased online is valid for use on the dates as specified when making the original booking. Return tickets purchased from Airbus Express Kiosks, Airbus Drivers or Airbus Resellers are valid for one month from the date of issue (tickets expire on the equivalent calendar date in the following month).

Can I get a refund on my Return Ticket if I am unable to use it:

Please consider your travel plans carefully when purchasing a Return Ticket as partial refunds are not available for activated tickets. Refunds on tickets not activated are subject to special conditions and are subject to approval by management.

Can I use my AT Hop Card on Airbus Express?:

Yes. As of the 19th March 2014, AT HOP Cards will be accepted for Adult $16 and Child $6 one way fares. Tag-on and tag-off.

NOTE: Discounts off single trip cash fares on an AT HOP card, Concessions (SuperGold, Tertiary, Child and Accessible) and AT HOP transfer discounts do not apply. Monthly Passes loaded onto an AT HOP card do not apply on Airbus services. For more information visit

Does Airbus Express have a North Shore service:

Unfortunately not, however we do connect to the Britomart Transport Centre where you can easily connect to the Northern Express service which runs an express service to all major Bus Stations on the North Shore. Tickets must be purchased individually on each service.

NOTE: The Northern Flyer Pass has been withdrawn. Any Return ticket purchased before 16th February 2014 will be accepted in accordance to the 90 day validity period.

How long is the trip?

Transfers take approximately 40-50 minutes from Auckland Airport to the downtown Ferry Terminal. Times may vary due to traffic conditions. Although we have the benefit of bus lanes, please allow an extra 10-15 minutes if travelling in rush hour traffic.

What are the fares?

Adult: One Way $16 / Return $26 (Returns will increase to $28 from the 29th December 2012)
Child: One Way $6 / Return $12
Frequent travellers can save money with Multi-Ride passes. Only available online. See here for details.

Can I pay by Credit Card?

Credit Card and Debit Card ticket purchases are available online or from our Airport Ticket Kiosks (Our Kiosks are located outside International and Domestic Terminals next to our bus stops). Cash only tickets can be purchased directly from your driver, if needed.

Does the return ticket have an expiry date/ how long can I use it for?

Airbus Express Tickets are valid for 1 month from the date of purchase (one month being the equivalent calendar date on the following month)

How long does the Airbus Express stop on each stop?

Buses will only stop if hailed by a passenger. They stop just long enough to collect waiting passengers. Buses will not stop if no passengers are waiting. Please refer to our timetables: Airport to City Timetable, City to Airport Timetable.

How do I stop the bus along Mt Eden Road or Dominion Road? Where do I stand exactly?

Airbus Express will pick up from selected City Stops (refer to City Stop Map) and from all existing bus stops on Mt Eden Road and Dominion Road. To stop the bus, simply hail the driver from your nearest bus stop.

What are the CITY bound drop offs on Mt Eden Road and Dominion Road?

Mt Eden Road Route: All bus stops from Three Kings into the City.
Dominion Road Route: All bus stops along Dominion Rd from the Mt Roskill shops into the city.

What are the AIRPORT bound pick ups along Mt Eden and Dominion Road?

Mt Eden Road Route: All bus stops on Mt Eden Road with the last pick up at Three Kings.
Dominion Road Route: From the end of Symonds Street, all bus stops (including two bus stops on New North Road), with the last pick up at the Mt Roskill shops bus stop.

Does Airbus Express stop at both Domestic Terminals?

No, there is now one dedicated stop for Airbus Express at the Air New Zealand Terminal. This is located at the far end of the arrival/departure concourse opposite the multi story car park. See the Domestic Terminal Map under Getting On/Off.

Does Airbus Express go through Newmarket?

Unfortunately we do not, however we do link with the Britomart Transport Centre where you can easily catch a train or Link bus into Newmarket. We also pick up and drop off at a bus stop next to Mt Eden Train Station (located at Bus Stops #8503 / #8502 on Mt Eden Road) which also connects to Newmarket.

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